Welcome to my page! From here you can explore my works done for clients, and personal art pieces. I highly suggest visitors to follow my social media web pages to see regular uploads and activities. You may contact me via email if you're interested into commissioning me. If you like to know more, click "About me" to learn further of what I do in my daily life. I take in personal works, and commercial/business related works.

 I regularly share 18+ art content that my clients commissioned for.  If you are a minor, please do not continue to browse on this website any further. You've been warned.


To know about my services, please click the following "Services" on the top web browser to read about my TOS (Terms of Service.) Any questions already answered in my TOS will be ignored. If you have questions that is not on the TOS, please email me at: Contact(@)Kairiwolfart.com.


I have been into the fields of Digital for over 10+ years, and traditional for 6+ years, and working into the field of fursuit supplies going on 3+ years now. I can work from any creature/animals into ferals, or anthro's. SFW or NSFW, I do a wide variations of works that are within my comfort zone.  


I live in Montreal, Canada! 

@KairiWolfArt 2023
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