My displays and Merch:

Hello! The conventions I have attended to as a vendor are:

- Furnal Equinox (2017-2024)

- FurEh! - (2023-2024)  Attending dealer for 2024 with a Full table.

- Canfurence (2019-2023)

- Vancoufur (2022-2023)

- Fureh (2023)

- Montreal ComicCon (2014-2017)

- Wtfur (2017)

The Kind of Merch I sell: 

Fursuit Supplies: Foam heads, Fursuit foam paws/hoofs, 3D Printable parts, Resin prints, Scented sprays, Sublimated eye mesh, fabricated parts: (minky claws, tongue, paws, tails) and more to create!

Fursuits: Pre-made Partial Fursuits.

Merch (Collectable): Daki pillows, Enamel Pins, Artwork Commissions, Prints.

Artworks: On the spot sketch commissions, Digital head badges, Digital reffsheets. Adoptable designs


My Fursuit supply products are a huge demand in the community, and well known in the Canadian fursuit community! I am able to display my merch from a half table - to a full booth.

FurEh 2023

Furnal Equinox 2024

Vancoufur 2023

@KairiWolfArt 2023
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