- With the sun herder, the deity of Life vanished, large numbers declined in forests as packs of wolf pups are dying, unbalancing the law of nature untouched by humankind. Fenrir's work of peace and tranquility is affected by Odin's ruthless actions, tipping the scale and impacting the species by numbers. All felt loss until Fenrir's son Skoll, encountered a young dying pup who was resurrected by Eve's surviving flame, giving hope that they may be able to restore what remains left of their kind.

It is up to Saige, the carrier of Eve's flame, to embark on the journey with her pack mates, and find a way of reviving the Deity of life Eve, to resume her duties alongside with Skoll her brother, to chase the sun and moon, returning to their roles as deity’s for life and death once more... But with Ragnarok coming soon, they're in a rush against time before the battle against Odin happens once more.

The Crew!

You can read the comic on Webtoons, Twitter, Instagram, or here on my website! Pages are currently in the works and will be uploaded shortly.

@KairiWolfArt 2023
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