Fursuit TOS Term of Service:

Please bare with me as I'm still new in this field. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not work with deadlines, or clients who have very little to no respect towards artists working with. If I feel that I am not comfortable working for you, I have the rights to refuse your commission.

Payments can be made by one of the following: Etransfer, Paypal invoicing, Square, cash. Etransfer is only available in Canada. And Cash is only accepted in person. My prices are charged in Canadian dollar currency.

- Once we arrange what to work with, a quote is given to you. A Quote is a fee charge of 10.00$CAN. This is non-refundable.


- A non-refundable 30% down payment is first needed before starting on your commission. This covers for the materials. 

- Payment planning is available, but must be fully paid for no longer then 6-10 months, this is only available for larger projects such as fullsuits. 

Partials are no longer then 4-5months to complete the payment planning.

- Quote's given are not final and may change overtime. for example: If you ask for a quote, and come back months later to get a commission from me, price may change depending on item stock/shipping/material costs. Quotes are only valid for 30 days.

- If supply stores for materials needed are out of stock, this can delay the workflow and time in completion of your commission.  

- While a 30% down payment can be placed on a fursuit head, The full payment deadline period must be on time (every 30 days). You can choose to pay the remaining balanced owed in full on your next pay, or included with your 30% down deposit. Once payment planning is completed, it is when the work begins. The 30% down payment covers the costs of materials. 

- If no payment(s) made 3-days after it's due date, a non-refundable surcharge fee of 35.00$CAN is applied. Failure to pay your part 4 weeks passed the deadline date, all previous payment's is deemed non-refundable, and you will not be able to work with me again in the foreseeable future once your commission is completed. You will receive your commission when fully paid the remaining balance and it's late fee's. 

- Fixes in design or adjustments can be made before the fur is cut. Any changes after the fur pattern is cut out are additional charges, as it requires to re-tape the pattern, extra time taken/re-cutting the fur pattern ect. Please be 100% on the design before submitting!

-  From the time I start working on your commission until completion, it can take 6-8 months of completion. I go through 1 queue at a time! it is a first come, first serve process - no priorities except Pre-made's during the convention seasons if accepted to vend. I am still new and not fully experienced in the field, so please allow me more time then the usual to ensure that the project worked on is in condition I deem perfect enough to ship out. If there is needing longer period of time to work on it, I will let you know. Once again, The timing of completion can be affected if supplies are out of stock/unavailable during the time of working on your suit. 

Once again, I will repeat this; I do NOT accept deadlines for your commission. 


- Shipping price will vary on the options available based off the box size, weight, location, and options client wishes to use. This must be paid first. Pick-up can be optional as well if you're in the Ottawa region or okay driving longer distances. This is at your own decision and I am not reliable to paying for your fuel. Shipping and packaging materials are separate from quotes/final price.

I am not responsible for lost packages when it is in the hands of courier. I will help you track the package if we must open a file case. Insurance fee's from couriers are your responsibility to request. It does not come automatic with your current shipping label. I suggest to provide a GPS tracking with the item in it's box if you fear it might get lost during shipping. You can request for me to place in an Airtag, In exchange that you return the tag.

I cannot guarantee that I will accept clients to do business with from outside USA and Canada.


- While 30% is non-refundable, the remaining balance is refundable if I have not succeeded in completing your commission after 1 year from the time your name on the queue is currently in the works, or if a cancellation from my end is needed to be arranged for personal reasons (life, business relationship with the client, ect). This also includes if you have paid full in one payment. 

If you request for the refund during the process of your commission being in the works, you fully understand that; depending of it's completion, a certain % is non-refundable, and the remaining balance given is in payment planning (every 2-3 weeks until the balance is fully paid). The % refund does not include the 30% non-refund policy. I have the full rights to use the materials for your commission, and re-sell the product (I will slightly alter the design depending its stage, making sure it does not look similar to your design) however I wish.


Warranty of your commission is covered for 6 months. Any damages after the warranty will have to be discussed as a paid reparation. Any damages that looks intentionally tampered with is not covered.

When the commission is fully completed and shipped, it is no longer available for a full-refund. 

If you are not satisfied, please let me be aware of it as soon as possible as we can arrange some fixes. Suggestions and criticism is taken into consideration, as it helps me create space to gain experience. Any discouraging feedback that are not criticism will be disregarded, and you will not longer be able to work with me in the foreseeable future. 

When in the client's possession, they are fully liable for the care given to their suit.

I do not repair the suit if:

- The suit built up mold in the environment it currently is in.

- The suit carrying an awful smell.

- Purposely damaged/harm the suit.

 -Altered the suit without my notice, permission or request of help.

 - Lost the suit.

- Ripped the seams.

- Repaired any part of the suit (this includes tail and paws) by another person.

- How the suit is washed. (Do not clean in washing machine please!)

 - Other miscellaneous reasons that deem the fursuit unrepairable.

The list above can also void your 6 month warranty. Meaning: It will be no longer covered under the time period of when the warranty is valid.

If you have questions or concerns in how-to maintain good care for your suit, do not hesitate to contact me!



When we have ~Made to order~ only available, we ensure you have read, agreed and signed your initial to the terms. The Terms are as followed: 

You, the buyer, understand that this purchase does not include shipping and handling fee's. You also understand, that this order can take an estimate of 6-9 weeks of completion (this does not include days on weekends and holidays). Order's are shipped every Wednesday. We are not liable for couriers' timing process for shipping or loss (your shipping includes insurance - you will have to contact the shipping company to claim for loss/damages). We do not accept *completed-before* / deadlines for buyers. you understand that minor air-pockets/defects of foam heads received do not affect the overall results of the final outcome in your works. By signing your initials, you agree to these terms, and TOS from the website.

I will once again mention that, I am not Amazon prime. My works do not complete overnight and ship out within' a day. My works are hand crafted with lots of care and takes time to ensure it results in perfection condition before it is shipped out. With huge demands and large qty's of orders, I'm doing the best of my capabilities to getting order's out on time.



Terms of Service. What Protects you and the artist.


I do not draw works that I am not comfortable with. If you have questions, I suggest you ask me ahead before proceeding further to commission me. I also reserve the right to refuse to work with you without given any reasons, and cancel your commission at any time. Any rude behavior will be black listed of working with me in the foreseeable future. This includes the right to refuse selling any fursuit supplies, fursuits, merch, ect to you. Any public and private defamatory will lead to legal actions against you.

I also have the right to refuse any business with minors without parental permission on SFW artwork pieces. NSFW is strictly prohibited to work with minors, especially with parental permission; this includes NSFW merch. - I have the right to request government ID if I feel that you may be a minor. An ID of the parent(s) will also be asked to provide proofing of being the legal parent.

- - - - - -

"Additional Characters" charge varies on the base price and complexity of the design, as well as choice of option(s) added to the commission. Estimated timing for the commission is based on what options are selected from your choice, as well the current queue on my Trello list. When your commission is started, I will reach to contact you from one of the following contact lists given to me, provided by you from the fill-out form.

You have 2 weeks (14 days) of the time I message you to provide me the information and questions needed, this also includes your reffsheet. From the time a WIP is sent over for approval, you have 3 days to confirm the sketch or make the request for changes on it before I proceed. Changes can only be made a maximum of 3 times before additional fee's apply.
Failure to respond back after 14 days when reaching contact to you, can result to cancellation on the commission and deemed non-refundable. I will reach out to you when your commission is being started, that is when you will know that countdown of 2 weeks started. I follow a strict schedule to ensure my works are completed on time and in full communication with the client.

Payment is required in Advance, commissions will not be started until the payment has been received. Changes to your commission are subjected to additional charges. Detailed pieces of up to 300.00$CAN and higher can be processed in three payments based off the % of completion in steps: SKETCH > FLATS > DETAILING. Payment planning does not count for more then 1 commissions added to your order.

As a general rule, please allow 3-6 months for completion. Most of the time, I can complete the work in several days from the moment the WIP sketch is approved. The time of completion usually varies based off of the choice of commission.


The artwork you commissioned is for personal use only. The artwork may not be used for any NFT's uses or any Generated AI's. If you are looking for commercial use, please contact me privately to further discuss on the matter. Commercial use will be additionally charged based on what it will be used for. Depending it's use, a contract will possibly be needed in order to continue business on the subjected matter.
My Adoptables bought and fursona designs commissioned may be used at whatever disclosure you have for them except for any form of NFT/Generated AI. If you wish to make a partial/fullsuit with the design and sell it, you are free to do so, sales are final in each design. All I ask is for proper credit. (you may not however, re-sell the artwork made by me.)

I have the rights to publicly share/promote/use commercially/use unfinished work/produce prints/merch of the artwork(s) you paid me to work on.

And, as always: You cannot request for your badge’s name to be removed under any circumstances.


The Full refund period is after 6 months if the commission has not yet started at the sketching stage. From the time the refund is requested, it will take 2 weeks to process. Any commission(s) 300.00$CAN and higher will be refunded periodically (ex: every 2 weeks in 3 parts)
If the commission is cancelled by the client DURING the production, the refund is deducted depending on how far completed it is at, for frame reference:

A 75% Refund will be issued if the commission is cancelled in the Sketching Phase.

A 30% Refund will be issued if the commission is cancelled at the Inking Phase.

NO REFUND will be issued if the commission is cancelled at the Coloring Phase.

No refunds also includes completed artworks: that being digital/traditional/supplies

*It is your responsibility to keep track from the date commissioned, to know if you are applicable for a refund. - This also applies to keeping track of your Trello's card status.*

If I cancel the commission that I've not yet been started with, based on the issue, I refund back 100% to you. - This does not exclude the disclaimer above about rude behavior towards the artist.


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