About Me

"Digital and Traditional Furry artist with a kick of crafting fursuits."

Hi! My name is Alia, or as others know me as, KairiWolfart. I am a 30 year old artist in the field of traditional, digital, Canadian well-known fursuit supplier, and getting into the business of fursuit making!  Aside from being part of the furry community, I'm a master falconer with 10+ years of experience and a retired YouTube content creator (2013). I am also a stay-at-home independent artist with the company of my Service dog in Training, Aspen!

Attending to furry conventions as a dealer is my main source of income that helps pay my bills and supplies food on the table. My love for the community is strong, and  am a passionate person to be around with and help others out.

@KairiWolfArt 2023
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