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"Digital and Traditional Furry artist with a kick of crafting fursuits."

Hi! My name is Alia, or as others know me as, KairiWolfart. I am a 28 year old artist, as well a full time falconer; someone who trains and educates the public with live birds of prey. My time is not always available as I own a non-profit organization called "Northern Wings Falconry & Birds of Prey Education Center" https://www.NorthernWings.ca. Most of the commissions you see here or on my other media pages , act as a contribution towards the birds of prey, which covers for: vet care, food, enclosure upgrades, rehabilitation, necessary equipment's and more.


Each year, we attend to conventions and expo's with our feather friends, encouraging all visitors to take an act of helping the species grow in numbers by treating the environment with good hands. For 7 years now, and still going, we have been able to develop thanks to supporters from the furry community and other public expo's. 

Despite collaborating with other center's, funds are still in need to continue in what we love to do.. I hope that you enjoy visiting my website, and that if you have any questions, to feel free emailing at Contact@Kairiwolfart.com or by my other social medias (twitter / Instagram / Telegram). Thanks for stopping by my page, enjoy!

@KairiWolfArt 2023
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