About Me

"Digital and Traditional Furry artist with a kick of crafting fursuits."

Hi! My name is Alia, or as others know me as, KairiWolfart. I am a 25 year old artist, as well a full time falconer; someone who trains and educates the public with live birds of prey. I own a non-profit organization called "Northern Wings Falconry & Birds of Prey Education Center". Most of the commissions you see here or on my other media pages, acts as a 100% "Donation" to the birds of prey in my non-profit education program for vet bills, food supplies, rehabbing, aviaries, equipment and more. I hope that you enjoy visiting my website, and that if you have any questions, to feel free emailing at Contact@Kairiwolfart.com. Thanks for stopping by my page, enjoy!

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